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Don’t end up with a record for drunk driving.

Palmer Legal Defense has successfully defended thousands of people in OVI DUI cases in Columbus and Central Ohio.

Experienced Columbus and Central Ohio DUI and OVI Attorneys

The criminal defense and DUI attorneys at Palmer Legal Defense have focused on DUI defense in Columbus and throughout Ohio since 1995. They have handled countless DUI cases at all levels, including arraignment, pre-trial hearings, suppression hearings, jury trials, and appeals in state and federal courts.

The Columbus DUI attorneys at Palmer Legal Defense have successfully defended virtually all types of OVI and DUI cases in courts throughout Ohio. From first time offenders to those with multiple prior convictions, the attorneys at Palmer Legal Defense have the experience to provide the best legal representation possible.

We are happy to share our experience and provide legal representation at all levels to defend OVI and DUI cases in Columbus and throughout the State of Ohio.

Our DUI Defense
The 360 Degree™ Approach

The DUI and OVI attorneys at Palmer Legal Defense have developed a unique and effective philosophy to defend DUI cases. They believe in a comprehensive 360-degree approach. From years of experience, our Columbus criminal defense attorneys have learned that those accused of OVI or DUI face problems beyond the court and legal proceedings.

DUI cases often have ramifications on many other parts of our clients’ lives, including employment, child custody, driver’s rights, auto insurance, mental and physical health, and future life decisions. We take time to consult with our DUI clients about all aspects of their problems. We believe that anything less results in incomplete legal representation.