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Child Abuse

Child Abuse & Child Pornography

Allegations of child abuse or child pornography are devastating to everyone. Child abuse is a broad term that encompasses the physical, sexual and/or emotional mistreatment of a child and is primarily regulated at the state and local levels for Columbus and Ohio. Child pornography, however, exploits children expansively through the Internet, going beyond state lines and creating a global impact (when you consider the massive perimeter of international child pornography rings). This takes it to the federal level, where the repercussions are severe. If charged, you’ll need a fierce criminal lawyer to ensure the complete protection of your rights.


Ohio Revised Code defines Child Abuse as follows:

Victim of sexual activity offense constituting abuse or exhibits evidence of physical or mental injury inflicted other than by accidental means, or threats or harm to child’s health and welfare, or is an endangered child under 2919.22
Allegations of child abuse are complex and deeply emotional. And the repercussions of such claims can be very damaging. In addition to potential imprisonment and hefty fines, you risk a permanently tarnished reputation that could affect your family, your livelihood, and your standing within the community.


All are examples of actionable offenses that could land you behind bars.

Physical Abuse Attorneys

Physical child abuse is the intentional mistreatment of a minor that results in physical injury. This is often suspected due to the presence of unexplained bruises, burns, bites, broken bones, and other signs of violence, though no visible evidence is required to file a complaint that leads to an investigation.

Emotional Abuse Attorneys

Recurring actions and behaviors that disrupt the development of a child (psychologically, socially, and otherwise) constitute emotional abuse. It is rarely based on a single incident and builds over time.

Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Sexual abuse of a minor involves forcing a child to participate in or bear witness to act(s) of a sexual nature. This can cause physical and emotional damage that drastically endangers the child’s well-being.

And because instances of child abuse often go unreported, if someone bears witness to or becomes suspicious of child abuse and fails to report it to the proper authorities, they, too, are at risk of criminal charges.


Child pornography is defined as the depiction of sexually explicit material involving a child (a person under the age of 18) through video, photography, and computer generated imagery that unmistakably represents the likeness of a specific child. Child pornography charges can be filed when a person is involved in the production or promotion of sexually explicit material involving a minor. But people in possession are also guilty and can wind up with a lengthy prison sentence and large fines. Whether the child in question has consented or not, if the material involves persons under the age of 18, it is considered child pornography and is a felony charge that is punishable by law.


And all it takes is one person’s word to create the kind of suspicion and doubt that can forever damage one’s reputation. It’s up to your criminal attorney to make sure no stone has been left unturned when planning your defense and clearing your name.

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